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Javascript == bad

Along the way while writing Epy, I've noticed some things about Javascript (a language I once considered perfectly reasonable) that are in serious need of a revamp (at least at the time of writing this). Here are just a few of the (many) issues I have with Javascript:

Namespaces. In the world of most Javascript, everything is global or function-scope, there seems to be no use of namespace or module-style development at all. It's possible to simulate namespaces by wrapping entire modules in an object definition, but this is usually too much of a hassle for practicality.Objects. Javascript's object system is, well, crap. Sure, it's ad-hoc like Python, but it has no formal way of creating simple constructors. You can use the "this" object in a function, or create a new instance of "Object" to append methods to, but there are no standards for constructing an object.
Objects do not support destructors. Many might argue that a memory-safe language like Js d…