Sunday, July 20, 2008

Speed kiddies

Speed kiddie:

Someone who learns or uses a low-level (often compiled) language for the constant coefficient performance increase. These people often have no regards for computational complexity and are usually confused by asymptotic notation. They frequently suffer from severe cases of premature optimization and believe that manageability comes second to runtime speed (in all applications). You can often find them trolling around web-forums bragging about their pointer or bit manipulation skills (the code is generally characterized by non-reusable design and a significant lack of readability).

  • "What do you mean my algorithm runs at O(n!)? It's twice as fast as yours with this small test set"
  • "How do you write efficient code in Python... It doesn't even have pointers!"
  • "I don't need to write readable code, I'm not going to forget my own code..."
  • "High level languages are for the weak, real men enjoy pain... PAIN!!!"
  • "Lisp doesn't offer anything new to me, C has macros too!"
  • "RAWRRR POOINTERRRZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"