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Build a Feed Reader in Python (Parts 7-9)

Part 07 Adding Jinja2 templates to a flask web application.

 Part 08 Adding static files so we can serve some CSS to style our app.

Part 09 Adding a background task to continuously update the articles while the application is running.

DIY Raspberry Pi Game Console

I just got a brand new Raspberry Pi case and decided to build a little gaming console with it...

Build a Feed Reader in Python (Parts 4-6)

Part 04Adding methods to insert data into our database using SQLAlchemy.
Part 05Adding GET and POST request handlers and routes to a flask web application.

Part 06Finally implementing some of the request handlers and core logic behind the routes for this feed reader.

Build a Feed Reader in Python (Parts 2 & 3)

Part 02Installing and configuring MySQL, flask, and SQLAlchemy.

Part 03Modeling our feed reader data using SQLAlchemy.

Build a Feed Reader in Python (Part 1)

Adding the feedparser module to the project and using it to extract information about feed sources and articles.

Write a Feed Reader in Python

I just started a new video tutorial series. This time it'll cover the entire process of writing an RSS feed reader in Python from start to finish using the feedparser module, flask, and SQLAlchemy. Expect to see about 3-4 new videos a week until this thing is finished!
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Write a Web App in Go

I've recently started a small series of video tutorials with the first one being Write a Web App in Go. Each tutorial will have its own Github repo here where the commits will be in sync with the tutorials for anyone following along.

After this Go tutorial I'm thinking that I'll cover something involving Python3. Maybe a start-to-finish project using flask, tornado, django...? Or just an in-depth tour of a common library like requests, numpy, pandas, or pygame?

Any suggestions?

Rainbow-powered Raspberry Pi

Some shots of my current RPi3 cluster...