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What do we do when machine learning catches up with our captchas?

Computer vision is finally gaining ground and if we expect practical self driving cars in the future then we expect computers to recognize objects and read text. Well, assume that our basic visual captchas are doomed. What other form of Turing test can we employ? Is it even possible to automate a Turing test?

One amazing feature of our internet is the ability to sample public opinion. But if we can't stop bots then that value is severely diminished.
Malware-laced spam was dangerous even when it was just advertising Viagra. But now we're up against politibots attempting to create the illusion of public opinion.
It also diminishes some of our ability to throttle malicious behavior. Without it we rely on IP addresses and digital fingerprints to track activity, which are at odds with privacy concerns.
Indeed some CDNs already make it difficult to access content from the Tor network, for instance.

So what does the future look like if we can't tell bots from human visito…

Build a Feed Reader in Python (Parts 7-9)

Part 07 Adding Jinja2 templates to a flask web application.

 Part 08 Adding static files so we can serve some CSS to style our app.

Part 09 Adding a background task to continuously update the articles while the application is running.